About Us

The Swarthmore Political Access Network (SPAN) is a Lang Center for Civic and Social Responsibility initiative originally created in 2015 as the Swarthmore Political Engagement Project (SPEP) which aims to provide the Swarthmore College community with accurate and timely information concerning elections, voting, and participation.


Operating under the guidance of Lang Center staff and the Swarthmore College Get Out the Vote Steering Committee, SPAN is coordinated by Ryan Arazi and Robert Gunn.  If you are interested in participating in this committee, please contact us.

SPAN has worked with organizations on and off campus, including, but not limited to,

  • Swarthmore College Achieving Black and Latino Leaders of Excellence (ABLLE)
  • Campus Vote Project
  • Voices
  • NextGen America
  • Swarthmore College Democrats
  • Swarthmore College Conservatives
  • Swarthmore College Writing Center and Writing Associates Program
  • Swarthmore College Lang Center Associates
  • Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office
  • Delaware County United for Sensible Gun Policy (DelCo United)
  • Chester Police Department
  • Roosevelt @ Swarthmore
  • Upper Darby Police Department
  • The Daily Gazette

If you are a representative of or know an organization who we should reach out to, please reach out to us.

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